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My Favorite Supplements For 2016 – Get On Them 205

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Let’s face it, getting all of the nutrition that you need just through food is a lot of work! If you look into what your body really wants to preform optimally you need to get a ton of vitamins and mineral and macro nutrients and micro nutrients.

Then there are also those antioxidants and essential fatty acids that we keep hearing so much about. That’s a lot of things to remember to get everyday. That’s one of the reasons that I like taking a supplement or two – to fill in the gaps and help me get some of the other substances I want and need into my body more often.

What Are My Favorite Supplements For 2016? Here Are The Top 3:

#1) Patriot Power Greens – This stuff is amazing. You get 38 different fruits and vegetables (all organic) plus probiotic strains for digestion and enzymes. And it was formulated by this doctor who is an expert on aging. Apparently this special green drink works to alkalize your body and fight against inflammation, which as you may know can lead to all kinds of problems as you age. So definitely good stuff here.

#2) Turmeric – This stuff is seemingly almost magical. It just does so much in your body. I’m not going to start citing studies or anything like that, but the fact is that turmeric is one of the most researched plants because of the many things that it can positively affect health-wise. From skin, to brain, to cells, this stuff is doing it all!

#3) Krill Oil – The whole Omega 3 VS Omega 6 thing is so complicated, and the more you learn about it the more you realize that you really need to be getting some Omega 3 fatty acids, but the question is where to get them from. Sure you could eat more salmon and that sort of thing, but then you need to worry about pollution and so on. That’s the beautiful thing about Krill. It’s from these tiny little shrimp-like things, so they are too little to build up pollutants, as I understand it. That way you make sure your oil is pure. As with turmeric, there has been tons of research done on what can happen in the human body depending if you consume mostly Omega 3 VS Omega 6 fatty acids.

Another thing I like to do is consume a lot of really high quality organic Italian extra virgin olive oil. This stuff had a bunch of Omega 3s and some Omega 6s too, but as I understand it it’s okay because the other compounds and such in the olive oil is so good for you that it more than makes up with it. And, I like olive oil anyway. Its great with some crusty bread, roasted peppers and olives. I pour it on anything really, like all over pasta.

Anyhow I hope you found my article an enjoyable read and that you will consider adding these supplements to your regime. Just remember to read our medical disclaimer before doing anything, it’s important!



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