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Blogher ’12 – Room Of Your Own

I learned yesterday that my suggestion for a Blogher ’12 Room Of Your Own was picked to be part of conference programming ! I’m so excited !  Congratulations to my other blogging friends who also had their ideas for ROYO picked.

A “ROYO” is a session proposed by members to fill out the conference with panels that will be popular within the community and spark interest. The ROYO that I suggested deals with single/childless bloggers and how we are often overlooked for opportunities/sponsorships etc because we don’t have children of our own. I’m looking forward to getting a presentation together with the fine folks on my panel ! I’m so honored to have so much support in this and am looking forward to BlogHer and hanging out with all of the fabulous friends of mine that live in my computer !

See you soon New York !

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  1. Sandy Webb says:

    Congrats Kim!

  2. gorillabuns says:

    Congrats! Who is going to be on your panel?

  3. Linda says:

    Congratulations Kim! Would this be an appropriate panel to join for bloggers like me with kids in college and just out–not seniors, exactly, not retired yet, but not into the mommy scene anymore? Married, with grown kids, etc.? Linda

  4. Jan says:

    Where do we sign up? This is one I really don’t want to miss!

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