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Have you ever wished you could change your jewelry as often as you change your shoes?

Of course you have ! I can think of many a night I have fretted in front of my jewelry armoire, looking for that one right piece to accentuate an outfit and give me the perfect look for that special occasion.

Fret no more, gentle readers, is here to help you !

You can browse their extensive gallery of jewelry, including the newest fashions and styles that will make you look like an A-lister without breaking your budget. New styles arrive every day ! For $14.99 the first month and then a subsequent $29.99 monthly membership, you get endless jewelry options!  You simply select your piece, place your order, enjoy the jewelry as long as you like and when you get ready to hit refresh on your style, you return it and select another. The style you picked will be shipped the next business day right to your door!  It’s totally like a jewelry library but with no initiation or cancellation fees ! And there is always free shipping and returns. Worried about losing a beautiful piece of jewelry? For an additional $4.99 per month, Jenna Logan takes the risk of any damage, lost, or stolen merchandise.

Worried about pre-worn pieces? All returned jewelry is completely refurbished, polished and sterilized to its original condition. All stones are checked for cracks and damage and are replaced, if necessary. All items are examined and held to the strictest quality standards as determined by the Jenna Logan Quality Control Department, and must be in a new condition before being added back to the Jenna Logan Inventory. Normal wear and tear is understandable. There is no charge for that. Jenna Logan will only charge you for repairing jewelry that has been abused, lost or stolen unless you have the insurance mentioned above.

And perchance you fall in love with your sparkling wonder? You can buy the merchandise at your Jenna Logan discounted price, plus an additional $10.00 off for keeping that particular item. If, however, you want a brand new item with packaging for a gift or such they will gladly send that to you and simply bill your payment method. A brand new item would not receive the $10.00 discount but would still be sold at your Jenna Logan discounted price.

So what are you waiting for? Join Jenna Logan now and also enter to win these beauties !

ENTER TO WIN: My wonderful readers can register to win an exclusive jewelry giveaway. The prize is a Blue and White Diamond Earring Paisleys set in Sterling Silver valued at $499.99. Click here to sign up:


Disclaimer: This post is a sponsored post courtesy of I was compensated for this post however all opinions expressed are my own. 

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