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Alabama Disaster Relief – How You Can Help

The State of Alabama was again ravaged by tornadoes today, just 8 months after the devastation of April 27th.

Like so many Alabama residents, I was a bundle of nerves this morning, awakened by tornado sirens four times and the weather radio constantly chirping. I was up in the early morning darkness, watching the long-range coverage provided by our amazing meteorologists and trained storm spotters. I had all of my preparations done, watched the power flicker off and on and thought I was ready. Reports were coming in from all over the northern Birmingham area, and then at daybreak, my county was hit. It’s always surreal to hear the weatherman saying “If you live between exit 205 and exit 200 in Verbena, take cover NOW!” I happen to live directly between these two exits and still remember the storms of 2004 that almost killed me. Luckily we didn’t take a hit now, but a community just to our west did. Maplesville was hit hard and they need help, as so so many other communities including Clay, Trussville and Center Point, just to name a few.

 Myself and some other Alabama bloggers have been working with a great company that wanted to do something to help the state after last year’s devastating storms, and with the new developments today, we are more than ready to start. They have chosen the Christian Service Mission, an organization that has been crucial in Alabama’s recovery process. They’ve set up  this great page to pledge their donations to the CS Mission.

They have pledged to donate $25 to the Christian Service Mission for every blog post that is written about how last April’s tornadoes (or today’s) affected you or someone you know, even if you aren’t even from Alabama. All you have to do is write the post, then comment on their page and let them know about your post. Their goal is to donate $1,000 by March 1!

Please help me help the State of Alabama, and maybe this will eventually lead to something bigger that will eventually help so many others nationwide. Tell other Bloggers and please share this on Facebook and other social media sites. If you do write a post, please post your link in the comments below.

Thanks so much and please keep the families affected by all of the storms in your thoughts.

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  1. Sybil Law says:

    Does it matter that my blog is private, now?

    I am so glad you’re safe. Mother Nature really likes to strut her stuff now and then. Scary stuff!

  2. KoolBell777 says:

    I didn’t have to live through those tornadoes. I lived through the one that hit the high school in Enterprise, AL a few years back. I live within 1/4 mile of the school. You will be able to see a post about your relief efforts on in my weekly “Friday Rambling” column.
    I hope you will see it that as qualification for donation.

  3. KoolBell777 says:

    I decided not to wait. I have put a story up on my personal blog. It’s here…

  4. Thank you for joining in on the cause!! I hope that we are DONE with storms for a long time!!

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