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PLAESE learn to spell

Really y’all, I try not to be a snob. I do. I try not to mock those who can’t spell, but OMG it makes me crazy. I understand auto-correct and it has made some dandy spelling errors for me as well, but come on, you can’t blame your ignorance on a smartphone. I can spell, however I am horrible at math, but hey, I’m not putting equations out there for public scrutiny. Just the random crap and unintentional errors I vomit up here.

Reasons like this are why I will soon not be able to leave the house or my brain may implode …….

Sure !! Let’s eat here !

This was on a flyer about a free clinic posted at a COUNTY GOVERNMENT office here in Alabama. It should be ELIGIBLE. No wonder they had to file bankruptcy….

And thank you Costco for this gem…which also resulted in a Carly Simon ear worm…

And this is from an article from the Birmingham news online. Edit much?

And to wrap up the dumbassery, DirecTV. REALLY? And with a show featuring the man who played KING OF ALL MANNERS Frasier Crane? Fail…

It also makes me itch when I read a post by a SUPER FAMOUS ON THE INTERNET blogger who can’t spell. You lose weight, not loose. You’re going there, not their. Please, use some spellcheck.

Or at least Google that shit.



ETA @1142am : IT NEVER ENDS. From this mornings front page……


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  1. THANK YOU! This drives me crazy. HHH thinks I’m over sensitive but honestly, I don’t want to eat somewhere that can’t spell on the menu. Makes me wonder who’s doing the cooking.

  2. Cindy says:

    I hate seeing misspelled words! (In someone’s defense, I am going to guess that the Kirkland’s Signature Vanilla is being displayed on the Spanish language side, which never translates brand names.)

    Another pet peeve pf mine? Extraneous quotation marks. Which are usually found in conjunction with misspelled words.

  3. martymankins says:

    It’s one thing to see these misspellings on Facebook or Twitter, but to actually spend money on a banner at your place of business without having others spell check it for you is just plain dumb.

  4. Donna says:

    Seriously. And I get that maybe someone who is a non native English speaker might have made that mistake, but when it’s your business, you get a native speaker, someone SMART, to read your banner before you pay the money to have it printed and hung. Or your menu for that matter. Have you seen some of the errors on a Chinese food takeout menu? Hilarious.

  5. Sybil Law says:


  6. Lisa says:

    Exactly. I am the queen of typos an I purposely mangle grammar for humor’s sake, but I know how to spell. It irks the shit out of me when I see people who make a living writing use addition for edition, or don’t know the difference between affect and effect. I could go on for days, but if you get paid to write please have a firm grasp on the English language because I assure you that I do and I’m judging you silently in my head. Yes, I’m that shallow.

  7. Lisa says:

    Hahahaha! How awesome is it that I have a typo in a spelling rant? Karma, you are a funny bitch.

  8. i avoid using affect and effect because i never can remember the correct word. doesn’t matter how many times i am told. i have some mental block or some shit.

  9. Franna says:

    Oh, Kim — you sure hit a sore spot. As a former English/Language Arts teacher, the misspellings drove me nuts — still do. I have a habit of calling businesses and even billboard companies to complain. My pet peeve — the word “congratulations” — particularly in the Spring for the graduates.

  10. Lynda says:

    Spell check isn’t going to catch poll and pole, there and their, or lose and loose. It isn’t that they are spelled incorrectly so much as they are used in the wrong context. I never spell loose or lose wrong after being a member of the Weight Watchers forums for a few years. :)

    Spelling errors irk me, but I make a few myself, so I can’t really say too much about this. Except that I agree with Martymankins in that a business should definitely get it right. That first picture is like a bad tattoo.

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