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Right, left and all over the road…..

Lately, there have been a lot of blog posts, tweets and FB statuses involving politics. I’ve actively gotten into discussions, arguments, whatever you want to call them about stuff and I’ve been sucked into acting like an ass about some things. Everyone has the right to an opinion. Political discussions were the norm way before the world even had electricity. What’s going on in the virtual world now is no different from years past, it’s just now, not only does everyone have an opinion, but they have a way to get it out en masse.

Some people have accused me of being a “right-wing” wacko… blogger even referred to me as a “NUTBAG right-wing chick” after she and I got into it via Twitter. The whole thing started over someone wishing Rush Limbaugh dead when he went into the hospital with heart problems. Well, that pissed me off. When people around you start dropping dead you tend to frown on others being wished dead, especially when it’s less than two weeks after your father died. I said some things I shouldn’t have, as did she, as did a lot of others who felt the need to get up in the business that she and I were in. I apologized and moved on, but some people just wouldn’t let it go. One person who I thought was a friend even unfollowed me on Twitter because in her words…” I didn’t know you were a Republican.” Uhm, I’m not. But I’m also not closed minded enough to unfriend everyone who has different political ideas than me. What fun would that be?

I’m not a fan of Rush, but I believe in his right to say what he wants. Just like anyone else. Including those on Twitter, FaceBook, any social media, television or any other platform from which they choose to espouse their beliefs. Even the people I don’t personally agree with.

They can talk all they want but that doesn’t mean you or I have to like it. But we have to accept free speech. Would you prefer the alternative ?

I don’t define myself as a Republican or a Democrat. I’m not sure what title I have, or if I even fit one. True, I have voted more on the R side in my life, but I have also voted on the D side. I consider the candidate, not the party. And if I am in a situation like the previous Presidential race, I chose the one I thought was more qualified. Believe me I was not thrilled at all with McCain and Palin, but I was less thrilled with Obama. I didn’t get caught up in the rock-and-roll push and seemingly blind following to vote for him. I didn’t like his ideas then and he has done nothing, up to this point, to change my mind now. He may, but if he doesn’t, I have the right to voice my opinion on what he’s doing any way I choose. As does everyone else. God Bless America.

I’m amazed at how everyone is so touchy about politics online lately. They act as if every slight by either party is a personal affront to them. Last night, I was watching the Twitter stream about the State of The Union. People were OUTRAGED that Republicans weren’t standing and applauding every time BHO uttered a sentence. This is not new. If there was a Republican President up there, the Dems would have sat stoically. History people. It has ALWAYS been like that. It has nothing to do with who is President , what color he is, or isn’t, or anything – it’s just a long standing political tradition. It won’t effect whether your latte is hot or cold, the gas mileage on your car, or anything else. It’s just politics. Take it easy. The only times you will see Democrats and Republicans coming together will be at a funeral or a national tragedy. Especially when the TV cameras are on. Haven’t you noticed how many politicians are former actors?

Other people were making comments about how the Republicans had “planted” black and Hispanic people in the audience while they were giving their response. HUH ? Soooo, there are no black or Hispanic Republicans? That’s about as asinine as thinking all Democrats are black and all Republicans are “white devils” …. another phrase I heard a self proclaimed open-minded Liberal use. But hey, that’s their opinion, and they can express it. Speaking of that, I have a bit more to say….

I’ve been to a Republican and a Democratic National Convention. I enjoyed them both equally. I was active in politics growing up. All my dogs are named after Presidents. I think if you could clone Teddy Roosevelt, John F Kennedy and Ronald Reagan you might have the perfect political machine.

I believe in a woman’s right to choose. If you want an abortion, get one. If you don’t, take responsibility for that child, and yourself. Some people think of their children as nothing more than a monthly check and a chance to get free food from the state and federal government. And if you live in a world where you don’t think that’s true you might want to poke your head out of your shell a little. I had a woman tell me once that the more kids she had, the more money she got from the state, and she got more money on her tax return. Yes, really. And as a cop that investigated violence against women and children as one of my duties, I heard stuff like that a lot.

I don’t think it’s the government’s responsibility to take care of everyone. I think Social Security, Medicare and Welfare are being horribly abused and it’s gotten so far out of control it will never get fixed. There are people that need it, yes. But let’s save it for them. Let’s not give it all away to people who won’t work, don’t even make an effort at birth control, and often feel entitled to whatever they can get. And certainly don’t piss it all away before those of us who do work and contribute to it get what is supposed to be our share when we get older.

I don’t think we should be the world’s policemen. Why do we go in and bomb a place, then go back in and rebuild everything? Who deemed it our responsibility? I know we are the wealthiest country in the world – we aren’t going to stay that way at this rate. I believe we should take care of our own. People are still living in sub-standard government housing almost 5 years after Katrina, children around this country go hungry every day, our schools and infrastructures need rebuilding. Bring the troops home and let them help patrol our streets and our borders. Take the money we spend all over the world, use it here for education, law enforcement and housing. Quit paying cops and teachers like crap, and stop these generations of idiots and hoodlums that are permeating our country. When we get done taking care of ourselves, then extend a hand to everyone else.

I believe in gay rights. I have gay and lesbian friends, and they are no different from anyone else. They love who they love and they have to take shit from some people because of it. And it’s no ones business, the government’s included, what anyone does in their bedroom. And I’m glad “don’t ask, don’t tell” is going away. I’ve never been in the military, but as a former cop I know how important it is to be able to depend on your partner or fellow officers in a firefight. If you can get my ass home safe, I really don’t care what you do with yours.

I think we need Health Care Reform, but not this bill and not this way. The system didn’t get screwed up overnight, so let’s not push a huge bill through in the cover of darkness as quickly as possible to fix it. I’ve lived overseas, and even though Singapore’s health care system was good, it’s not as good as ours. I think Medicaid and Medicare need to be totally redone, and someone needs to get a handle on the pharmaceutical companies who charge exorbitant amounts for medication. My father’s cancer medication? $6,000 a month, which is totally ludicrous. I think cancer and the common cold can be cured, but that the reason they aren’t is because they make too much money for a lot of people. And that is a damn shame.

I believe in the death penalty, and don’t think it get’s used nearly enough. I am a strong advocate for punishment – as I said, I grew up in Singapore, where people were hung on Friday’s at Changi Prison for crimes ranging from drug possession to assault. You were caned for stealing or vandalism. If we did that here instead of coddling juveniles and the adults that are in and out of jail like it has a revolving door, you better believe things would be better. I believe in chain gangs, prison farms and hard labor. Let them work and give back something besides recycled farts. There are some really shitty people in this world, and there is absolutely no reason for them to sit in a cell for the rest of their lives, being fed, clothed and housed by the taxpayers, when they would do the exact same thing once they got out. I think child molesters and sexual predators should be executed. Castration isn’t enough. Most sex crimes are mentally fueled, and since you can’t take out their brain – off with their heads !! All of them.

Some of today’s parents are really screwing up their kids. Look around you, in real life and on TV , and you’ll need no further explanation. It’s hip to be rude. It’s cool to talk back and disrespect your elders. You want it? Take it or whine til you get it. Manners? What are those? There have to be consequences. You have to be a parent before you can be a friend. There are winners and losers in life. You’re not always gonna go home with a trophy. Suck it up buttercup, get over it, and try harder and do better next time.

I like Fox News Channel. Yes, I said it. I love Shepherd Smith. I’m not a huge fan of Bill O’Reilly, but he is very intelligent and often has some good talking points when he’s not being a douchey interrupting blowhard. Glenn Beck is insane, and I have to wonder if it’s not all an act. I like Mike Huckabee as a host, but wouldn’t vote for him if he ran for dog catcher. I NEVER miss Geraldo…I think he’s funny, a bit of a drama queen and I remember when he opened up that empty vault of Al Capone’s and my long fascination with him began. Sean Hannity and I don’t agree on anything at all, but that’s ok. I know how to change the channel. And I do . I don’t believe in everything ANYONE in the media does or says, and I get news from other sources as well. I watch CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS and many others. I read 5 or 6 newspapers online everyday, including the New York Times, which has been described as the most left leaning paper in the country. But I like it. I think the ladies on The View are so blatantly anti-Republican and basically anti-anyone who doesn’t agree with them they are unbearable to watch. I love Howard Stern – have listened to him for years. I don’t always agree politically with him, but I just can’t wait to hear what he’s going to say next. Neil Boortz? Smart but a little scary. I think Chris Matthews needs his eyes checked. I used to like Keith Olbermann when he was on ESPN, but now I think he’s an idiot. An idiot with the right to say what he wants. You know what right I have? The right to mute the channel on anyone that I don’t want to hear. So do you.

I guess the best way I can describe myself is as a fiscal conservative and a social liberal. But that definition is static and can change, depending on the issue and the election at hand. I think everyone changes as they get older, and to not allow your mind and heart to be open for any idea is not only a disservice to yourself but to the world.

I hate it when people get so wrapped up about politics and take it to such an extreme that they sever a friendship, virtual or otherwise. It’s not worth it. When you have a tragedy, those senators and congressman aren’t going to be the ones reaching out to you through the interwebz or the phone and comforting you. Your friends will be. And I don’t care what color you are, who you voted for, or who you sleep with. I care that you’re a person and that you are important, no matter whether you lean left, right, or all over the road.

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  1. metalmom says:

    Anyone who can afford to lose a friend over ideas, is someone I don’t want to know. I, much like you, like certain ideas from both sides of the fence. If everyone would just stop trying to make things black and white things would manage to work themselves out. There are NO ABSOLUTES.

    I love that I have the right to say that. I will defend YOUR right to speak your mind too. I love my gay friends and I love those who are married, divorced or living in sin. My God is an awesome God who made all of us-gay and straight- in his image. I love the right I have to believe that.

    Whether you agree with me or not, I don’t care. I won’t beat the crap out of you for your beliefs, so afford me the same treatment.

    This post rocked!!! LOVE YOU!!!

  2. John says:

    Politically, we could be twins. Well said!

  3. Lisa says:

    A-freaking-men! Well except for the Fox News part, I can’t do Fox News, but the rest I totally agree with. I don’t generally talk politics because peoe take themselves way too seriously. Unfriending someone because they’re a Republican is pretty doggone narrow-minded.

  4. In a democratic society it is not only our right but our responsibility to question our leaders. Freedom of speech doesn’t lean one way or the other to pacify the politically correct. If anyone wants to stop following me @dabuni on Twitter for using my head rather than following the Sheeple, then so be it, get the hell away from me too.
    I may not agree with everything ANYONE says, but I will fight to the death for your right to say it. If you want to blindly follow a man because of the color of his skin, that’s as much racism as not following him because of the color of his skin. In my opinion, the American people don’t do enough research on the issues, they would rather a news personality tell them what to think. It is incomprehensible to me that in a free society, that people choose to be ignorant.

    And you can quote me on that.

  5. Stephanie says:

    Great post! I am like you – an Independent. I more socially liberal and conservative when it comes to taxes (of course!). I don’t get wrapped up in politics – it make people mad and I don’t really have a direct impact on any of it. I really admire people that aren’t afraid to speak their mind and aren’t self-righteous about it!

    You go girl!!

  6. Chuck says:

    Wow! This is incredible and so true! I couldn’t have said it better myself. Posts like this make me miss blogging. You should run for office!

  7. Ron says:

    This post was so good, I forgot Chris Matthews forgot Obama was black.

  8. Robin says:

    Kim, if I were gay, I would want to marry you right now!

  9. Franna says:

    *standing up and applauding wildly*

    I, too, refuse to label myself politically. I vote for the person, not the party. Hell, I’ve even voted Libertarian on occasions because the GOP and Dem candidates sucked.

    Opinions are like assholes, EVERYBODY has one. And we all have the right to disagree.

    Way to go, Kim. (((HUGS)))

  10. Elaina says:

    Awesome post, Kim!! And also…amen. :)

  11. Barbara says:

    Amen sista! …could not have said it better myself! Voted for Scott Brown last week…let’s hope it continues to shake Washington up.

  12. martymankins says:

    You and I have talked politics before and while I am on opposite sides with some of our Twitter and blogging associates, I have to say that with some exceptions, I agree with you stances and think we agree more than we disagree.

    As with Lisa above, I’m no fan of Fox News (which I like to call Faux News) just because I feel they are too biased towards the ultra conservative. But other than that, I always try to keep an open mind with most media outlets that are trying to stay neutral.

    Due to recent events, I’ve decided not to tweet politics. I’ll still blog my opinions and thoughts, but twitter seems to be too combative and it’s too hard to squeeze a valid argument or discourse into multiple 140 character posts.

    As for me and voting, I’m for the candidate, even though I mostly vote democrat. But there’s been some candidates that I’ve supported that are truly representing the people, not their party. Like Utah’s previous governor Huntsman had some very good policies that he pushed through that addressed the people and their needs, even going against his own party’s wishes (he’s Republican) to pass some much needed laws and reforms.

    And then this week, a Democrat supported a new law that made me scream WTF! with the majority of the Republicans going against her wishes.

    So you won’t lose this friend because as I said, it looks like we agree more than disagree.

  13. Marcia Morse says:

    Fantastic post….you go girl!!

  14. LOVIN7 says:

    Well said Coz! My fav tv news anchor is Sheperd along with Brian Williams. FOX NEWS is pretty much the only news channel we watch. I really like Huckabee too and if he ran for PREZ I’d be right there supporting him. AWESOME post girl!! YOU ROK!! ((HUGS))

  15. Barbara says:

    Well said!!!!!!

  16. Karl says:

    What I love about you, Kim, is that you speak your mind. It’s why I love Shannon, too. And we are a lot alike, in that we both can’t be politically defined as either a Republican or a Democrat.

    Even though we differ on a number of the issues you mention I know that it doesn’t make a difference in our friendship. It’s a question of maturity, I think. When people can’t move beyond mudslinging just because someone else feels differently, and they can’t have an actual discussion instead of an ARGUMENT…well, I don’t want to know those people, really.

    And the crap you had to endure is precisely why I typically steer clear of politics and hot-button issues on my blog. I don’t need to put up with MORE drama, and most people simply can’t have that mature discussion I mentioned above.

  17. Doug says:

    You rock Girl!!!

    Kim for Congress!!!!

    You know what your gettin before u vote!!

  18. Marnie says:

    There you go again….making me all proud that you’re my friend. :)

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